Website update and Hearts of Iron IV

Just a quick update for folks on the website! Been awhile since I’ve posted, I know. What with a lack of Star Trek: Discovery to complain about, and the recent move back to Seattle, I was a bit strapped for time. But here we are now!

Streaming has been going great, and will continue into the future with a variety of things. I’ve updated the Twitch link on the sidebar to now take you to a page that has the donation link and available chat commands.

Second is that Hearts of Iron IV will be back on the channel, insert sigh here.

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Play-by-Play – Star Trek: Discovery “The War Without, The War Within” S01xe14

Empress Georgiou is now in the Discovery-verse. I’m not sure how “Former Space Despot” looks on a resume, and I’m unclear on how her help is going to be accepted by the Federation. Unless the Federation has gone full Sisko. Come to think of it, we haven’t really seen any of the United Federation of Planets’ bureaucracy in action at all, or really Starfleet’s. Admiral Cornwell and Burnham’s Tribunal at the beginning kind of act as a little bit of insight, but don’t give us a very good picture.

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Play-by-Play – Star Trek: Discovery “What’s Past is Prologue” s01xe13

Aright, so last week we found out that Lorca is really Mirror Lorca, Voq is Ash, and that Mirror Universe characters are just as dumb as the crew of the USS Discovery. I’m pretty sure Empress Georgiou is going to stab Burnham in the back, eventually. Let’s just see if Burnham figures that out, or if the plot will rely on characters making poor choices to free our protagonist.

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