Do I need the DLC to enjoy Europa Universalis IV?

It’s asked over and over, and there’s certainly a group that’s not happy with Paradox’s continuous churning out of DLC for their games. I do have some opinions on what DLC is “worth it” for each of Paradox’s games, but the root question I want to answer is whether or not the DLC for each of Paradox’s currently running titles of Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV, and Stellaris are actually necessary in order to enjoy the game. This week, I’ll be taking a look at Europa Universalis IV and whether the game is as incomplete as is claimed if it’s played with no DLC.

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Blade Runner 2049 continues tradition

by Bob Collins

I remember sitting in the theater with my wife when I first saw the trailer for Blade Runner 2049 come up. Intrigue at the thought of a sequel, as well as a sense of dread, came over me as the permutations of what a sequel would entail for the original Blade Runner ran through my head. Would we have another procedural that involves hunting down rogue Replicants? We looking for Deckard and Rachel so many years later? The initial trailer did nothing but say the movie would be coming October of 2017.

SPOILERS AHEAD. You’ve been warned.

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Terrors of Tourages – session one recap

Terrors of Tourages (Chapter 1 – Episode 1) ​

recorded on Oct 1st 2017, recap by Maljjin

The USS Heracles, a brand new Constellation-class, the latest in Starfleet.

The Epsilon sector, a key area contested between the Federation, Klingons and Romulan.

Captain Howard Conrad, a veteran officer known for his diplomatic skills.

An experienced and diverse, but scarred, senior officer crew strung together by Starfleet based on their high level of competency.

A delicate mission statement balancing the needs of patrolling a busy sector and assisting colonization efforts.

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