Play-by-Play – Star Trek: Discovery “The Wolf Inside” s01xe11

Previously, on Star Trek: Discovery…

I’m pretty sure the big points were 1)Ash actually being a Klingon agent, and 2) the really dumb plan that seems to be working to infiltrate the mirror Shenzhou.

One thing I do want to talk a bit about before jumping into this next play-by-play is how Ash is actually Voq, which occurred to me since we haven’t seen any of Voq for awhile, and that Ash is actually a Klingon. A suspicion that was confirmed as I delved into Memory Alpha to remember Voq’s name, and straight up found Ash’s photo right there on Voq’s page, where it also spoke about how it was revealed that there was a reveal that Ash is actually Voq.

How the reveal happens I don’t know since we’ve got really weak context clues for it, but just putting it out there that I thought Ash was Voq based solely on us not having seen Voq for awhile, and that Ash is apparently a Klingon.

Though how exactly L’Rell and Voq got onboard the pretend Klingon D-7, where Voq was turned into Ash, I don’t know. Plot hole off the starboard bow.

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