New review and website updates

Yep, been awhile right?

The website has functioned mostly as a space for the weekly webcomic, and it’s done well in that regard. Though the original idea of the website was to feature blog entries, as well as game reviews in order to bring more content to you folks. With recent changes to my schedule to be more consistent, mostly thanks to a steady streaming schedule now, I now have the ability to make the website’s content a much larger┬ápart of the content for you guys.

I don’t have a release schedule of any kind in mind for website content, outside the weekly webcomic. Reviews and blogs take time to write, and will likely be a “When it’s ready” situation. This is mostly to ensure the quality is there. But hey, who knows what will happen in the future. Stay tuned!

To commemorate this, I’ve added a review for Supreme Ruler Ultimate. You can click here to have a read.

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