Terrors of Tourages – session one recap

Terrors of Tourages (Chapter 1 – Episode 1) ​

recorded on Oct 1st 2017, recap by Maljjin

The USS Heracles, a brand new Constellation-class, the latest in Starfleet.

The Epsilon sector, a key area contested between the Federation, Klingons and Romulan.

Captain Howard Conrad, a veteran officer known for his diplomatic skills.

An experienced and diverse, but scarred, senior officer crew strung together by Starfleet based on their high level of competency.

A delicate mission statement balancing the needs of patrolling a busy sector and assisting colonization efforts.

The USS Heracles’ first assignment seemed fairly simple on paper : investigate a suspicious high level of Klingon activity in the Azure Nebula. However, it didn’t take long for Captain Conrad and his crew to realize there was a lot more to the situation.

A Klingon battlecruiser spent several days in the Tourages system, a system barely explored and mapped by the Federation. That’s where the USS Heracles’ investigation started. Initial scans of the area confirmed abnormally high levels of energy located in two areas, a debris field and Tourages III (class M, dry planet). While they couldn’t pinpoint the exact source or nature of these emanations in the debris field, the crew turned its attention to the planet where an Away crew was sent by Captain Conrad to learn more.

Commander James Frost, the second-in-command, lead the Away Team, consisting also of Lieutenant Commander Nikita Chekov, Lieutenant Commander Kromlaor, Lieutenant Takaris, and Ensign Delvok to a valley where some dome structures were identified as the possible source of the energy disruption. Upon arrival, the Away Team found the central building to be busted open with a body lying nearby, either recently deceased or strangely not affected by decay yet. Humanoid form, blue skin, over 8’ tall, what looks like to be a technical uniform under a huge wound in his chest. Further examination revealed it to be a mix of biological and machine components, a Synthetic lifeform the crew never met before. This specimen was beamed back to the ship for deeper analysis.

The Western dome, revealed to be some sort of structure with fabrication facilities. The building was filled with fabrication machines and three large conduits with a high level of plasma energy flowing through them. Three large cables led out the door to the dome to the North. The path to the Eastern side was however blocked by a large locked metal with an unpowered cable plugged in.

The Central building showed traces of recent intervention, cables visibly not from the original structure were laying around as if someone tried to connect various power systems. More importantly, the team found four large pods, built similarly to survival pods, in the Northern structure. Three closed, one open. Tricorders could not penetrate these pods though. Commander Frost found the opening mechanism, opened one pod and it confirmed what the team had thought; these are some sort of capsules holding the synthetics. One came out unplugged from the machine and started to repeat the same short sentence in a language no one was able to recognize,”Nosh too-thut vot?”

The team backed out of the building to explore the area again, and was followed by the active synthetic. Unfortunately, it became hostile when Lieutenant Commander Chekov aimed his phaser at it. The machine emitted a loud high pitched sound, loud enough that some crew members had to cover their ears. It’s eyes turned red and began firing at the away team. Two other Synthetics joined the fray from the Northern building. Shots were fired, the synthetics proving to be resilient. Commander Frost was injured, but Doctor Takaris managed to heal his injury. Delvok showed off some nifty martial arts moves, and Lieutenant Kromlaor proved to be a good shot.

Once the dust settled, the away team turned its attention back to the large metal door. With some problem-solving, the away team was able to determine that powering up the door, as well as using a spike looking key from the synthetics, was able to open the door. It opened up to an immaculate looking elevator lift that took the away team into the bowels of an alien facility. Sneaking past an active Synthetic, the team went through a room with more pods, finding Klingon and Romulan equipment along the way, to find a room filled with large tanks filled with an overflowing green and brown sludge.

Another Synthetic was working in the area and noticed the crew, repeating the same query which the team had now analyzed to be an identification request. An attempt to modify a tricorder to communicate backfired, the machine turning hostile to the group. While it was dealt with quickly, once again by Lt Kromlaor, the alarm had been raised! The team had barely time to identify Klingon and Romulan DNA, among others, in the sludge before they had to come up with a new plan.


Stay tuned to find out how the crew of the USS Heracles will deal with the alarm!


Streaming on Twitch on Sundays @1:30pm Eastern, with archiving on YouTube: Terrors of Tourages. Special thanks to Maljjin for the recap.

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